Rates as of January 2019

Spellers   $24.09 + GST per day
Colts   $28.64 + GST per day
Supplements daily   $1.00 + GST per day
Boxed Care   $30.00 + GST per day
Drought hay levy   $1.60 + GST per day
Water walker   $60.00 + GST per day
Rehabilitation   subject to individual requirements


We will discuss levels of work for your horse with you prior to starting any pre-training if necessary.

Rugs: All rugs and flymasks are supplied but if there is cause for replacement or repair to any rug then it will be charged accordingly.

We reserve the right to charge an interest fee of 2% per month on accounts that are passed our trading terms on our invoices.

Horse transport & Veterinary Charges are charged by relevant service provider to client directly.

Emergency horse transport and all general health items such as drenches, farrier work are done on the property and charged as required.

Terms and Conditions are to be filled in and signed then returned prior to horse departing by all owners or manager.