About Warrina Lodge

Welcome to our boutique property -Spelling / Rehabilitation / Water Walker facility: Warrina Lodge.

Warrina means “resting, peaceful” in aboriginal which is what we wanted to reflect in that our environment is exactly that for your horses that come here.

Previously this property had been a small agistment farm with a large garden nursery over several acres and then changed to just spelling / agistment.

Since we acquired the property 5+ years ago we have made huge improvements some which are: building larger stables, irrigation to all the paddocks, DRY walking machine with concrete floor and rubber matting and our Water Walker with heavy duty river sand on the floor for pre-training and rehabilitation work.

With our newest addition- the Water Walker - we are happy to talk to you on a pre-training / rehabilitation plan to suit the horse and level so a perfect program can be styled for YOUR horse.

We have highly experienced and regarded veterinarians and farrier services on call and in close proximity to our property.

We our passionate about the horses in our care and will work with YOU to make sure your needs for your horse are meet.

We look forward to discussing any off our services with you and please come and visit us in person so you can truly appreciate our facilities.