Australasian Thoroughbreds

Australasian Thoroughbreds offer quality race horses through syndication modules of 5% or 10% shares. You can buy one or as many shares as you like. Full ownership privileges are achieved with only a fraction of the cost by being part of an approved syndication. All of the tedious management and work is undertaken by us, leaving you to enjoy race day with family and friends. Savour the fun, the excitement, and all the glory

Bruce Hill Racing

With a proud history in racehorse training, Bruce has proven time and again how to be competitive at the top level.

Our training complex is situated on the Gold Coast and many of our staff have been with us for several years, loyal to their job and dedicated to racing. At Bruce Hill Racing stables we have all the credentials to take your horse to the top.

Wilmat Application Software

Wilmat Application Software has been developing, marketing and supporting computer accounting systems since May 1985. 

Our racing industry accounts system, Stallion by Wilmat has gained wide acceptance in Australia and New Zealand.  Use of this software has been extended through the development of a phone app for Iphone or Android platforms. Its partner product, Payroll by Wilmat is also being used by many trainers in Australia.